I love Nigella.

Like I really really love her. I love her food and her attitude and her eyebrows.

I love her eyebrows.

I wish she would publish a new cookbook every week because I would totally buy it. And I wish she would be on television more, not less. More.

Just sayin’.

Naturally I scooped up her new cookbook, Nigella Kitchen: Recipes from the Heart of the Home.

I kept giving her cookbook adoring looks but hadn’t tried anything until I received the November 2010 issue of Food & Wine and saw the recipe for Caramel-Croissant Pudding.


Immediately my incredible spidey cookbook senses started tingling as I realized I’d seen this recipe before. Ah, my sweet Nigella!

So technically I am doing away with two birds by using only one croissant (I don’t believe in throwing stones at birds). I am both telling you about Nigella’s book and giving you my submission for this week’s edition of Magazine Mondays.

This pudding was extravagant and amazing. While it’s best eaten warm, I brought it to work the day after making it and it was still delicious. Trust me, though. The first time you make it dig into it while it’s warm. It’s like a crispy, caramelly trip to heaven.

It could only have been better if my eyebrows looked like Nigella’s. But I digress.

It being the holiday season I’m guessing that folks are pretty busy because I only have one MM submission this week. That’s okay. But remember, anyone can take part. All you have to do is send along a link to a magazine recipe that you’ve posted. This week I’m joined by:

Melissa of Baking Makes Things Better made Christmas Cookies from Issue 24 of Donna Hay. She also made a Roast Tomato and Broad Bean Salad with Haloumi from Issue 56 of Foodtown Magazine.

Have a great week, everyone!