One more sleep to Santa!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!

I have been up since 5:00 with Mamma Cream Puff and we’ve been busily cooking away.

Actually, to be completely accurate, she’s been cooking away and I’ve been watching in awe.

Seriously. My mother is a tank. She’s knocking things off like it’s nothing while it’s taken me almost three hours to wash two heads of lettuce.

When I grow up I want to be just like her!

Right now she’s working on those lovely ravioli you see above. They are filled with a chestnut paste and are the most delicious bits of heavinliness ever. Soon they will be fried and then sprinkled with sugar and then they will be mine. All mine.

This being Christmas Eve, we only eat fish and seafood and here’s what the menu features:

We’ve got oysters on their way.

We’ve got an amazing octopus salad.

We’ve got olives stuffed with a fish paste and then breaded and fried.

We’ve got salt cod waiting to be stewed with potatoes.

We’ve got more salt cod (that’s baccala’ to us Italians) waiting to be cooked with tomatoes, hot peppers, green onions and olives.

We’ve got a whole variety of other fish waiting to take a skinny dip in the deep fryer.

We’ve got artichokes. Oh, my. Artichokes dipped in batter and fried. Next to the ravioli di castagne these are probably my favourite.

We’ve got enough rapini to feed Canada.

We’ve got cactus pears and persimmons and fennel and chestnuts and dried figs.

And we’ve got a croquembouche. From here.

In between tracking Santa and “taste-testing”, I’m just trying to not lose my mind thinking about all the goodies.


I love Christmas!