To all my Canadian friends out there, have the happiest of Victoria Days!

It’s been a lovely long weekend with lots of celebrations with family and friends.

I haven’t baked in an awfully long time and I got back to one of my great loves with these adorable individual cakes based on a recipe from Emily Luchetti‘s The Fearless Baker: Scrumptious Cakes, Pies, Cobblers, Cookies, and Quick Breads that You Can Make to Impress Your Friends and Yourself.

I used the recipe for Individual Lemon Cakes with Oranges and Vanilla Mascarpone Cream and modified it slightly to make little orange cakes (unbelievably I ran out of lemons!). I also substituted the oranges for strawberries and blueberries.

I couldn’t resist adding a few spring flowers to capture the happy occasion.


Victoria Day is the beginning of long weekend season for Canadians and it’s always a welcome day.

Happy Victoria Day! Happy Baking!


For those of that don’t know Emily, she is an amazingly talented baker and cookbook author. She has a site and a blog.