Folks, I’m in love.

His name is Mr. P. and next to my dear papa’, he is the man of my dreams.

There’s a lot of love in this world and I’m blessed to have a lot of it in my life. I’m blessed with a beautiful family and some pretty amazing friends.

One of my very dearest and sweetest friends (she’s my little sister now because I said so) invited me to her family home to enjoy a dinner prepared by her father, a chef by training.


Actually. Wait. That’s not right. He’s not a chef by training. He’s a chef by nature, he just also happened to choose to study cooking.

As he rightly pointed out over dinner, cooking is about passion and he’s got it all.

Mr. P. is ADORABLE with capital letters, bold, italics, squiggly lines, exclamation marks and every other punctuation point you can imagine.

And I was his honoured guest.

Here’s what he made for me. Be jealous.

He flirted with me over a sublime lobster bisque with chunks of lobster meat.


He impressed me with a crisp Ceasar salad (homemade dressing, thank you very much).


He wooed me with Beef Wellington (with my initial on it … I mean come on!) accompanied by braised endive and spinach-stuffed tomato.


He had me at dessert – a poached peach with vanilla ice cream and chocolate balsamic reduction.


When a man poaches a peach for you because he knows you don’t like pears, that’s love people.

Mr. P., thank you for sharing your beautiful food with me. Thank your for raising your two incredible daughters.


Thank you for reminding me that love is out there and always worth it. In all its forms.

Happy Valentine’s Day!