It is still amazing to me that there was a time when I regularly skipped breakfast.

It seems almost unfathomable that there was a previous me that had so little regard for what is now such an important part of my day.

The importance of breakfast is often measured in nutritional value; it’s the most important meal of the day, etc., etc.

I measure the value of breakfast in more emotional terms. Breakfast is like my first and biggest meeting of the day: the meeting with myself.

Now I don’t want to give the (mistaken) impression that my breakfasts are grandiose. I’m just like most other people. My mornings are generally an exercise in rushing, scrambling and hurrying to get ready and get out the door. But even if it’s a quick cup of coffee and a piece of toast swallowed in about 15 seconds, I have to have that meeting with myself, however brief.

This probably explains why I spend so much time thinking about breakfast. Once or twice a day, I will think about next day’s breakfast. Should I have yogurt with fruit or yogurt with granola? Do I need to make more granola? Will I feel like a poached egg? Should I make a double batch of oatmeal, to save some for later? Can I get up early enough to make pancakes? What shall I make for weekend breakfast?

Weekend breakfast is special because unlike weekday breakfast, there is more time. Because there is more time, I can entertain more elaborate plans such as firing up the waffle maker.

While pancakes reign supreme, waffles are very dear to me as well. There is something infinitely satisfying about a hot waffle with butter melting into each little pocket. Further filling each pocket with maple syrup is one of my most supremely fulfilling breakfast acts.

It’s worth getting up a little earlier.

Whatever you have for breakfast (or if you don’t have anything for breakfast), I urge you to take a moment and consider it.

First thing in the day, treat yourself first.

(The waffles pictured above are from a recipe out of Serious Eats: A Comprehensive Guide to Making and Eating Delicious Food Wherever You Are. They are yeasted waffles, which gives them a bit of heft and substance. They soak up butter and syrup very nicely. There are a number of yeasted waffle recipes available on-line, including this one, which are worth a try. Enjoy!)