Summer, I’m breaking up with you.

It was nice while it lasted but there’s a new love in my life and he’s called Fall. He’ll be here any day now.

We had a good time, Summer. There were the pretty dresses and the flip flops; the nights on the patio and the barbecues; the fruity cocktails and the sweet music of the ice cream truck.

And of course, there was the trip to Italy.

We sure did have some good times.

But Summer, it just can’t last between us. For starters, there’s my hair. No matter what I do, Summer, my hair just doesn’t work with you.

And the humidity. Honestly, what is it with you and humidity?

Please don’t feel bad. We won’t be separated forever. Before you know it you’ll be back and we can see if we can try to make it work again (and maybe I’ll finally figure out how to make sure you and my hair get along).

Look, I don’t want us to leave on bad terms so I made you a pie. I took some late peaches and plums and placed them in a butter crust. I topped them with a crumble topping (I know how much you like crumble topping) and I baked it up for you.

It was delicious. And you helped make this pie, Summer. Your sun and your warmth – they all helped make this delicious pie. I’ll make you a deal. I’ll make it for you again when you come back next year.

I like you, Summer. But it’s time to say goodbye.

And hey, look at this as a chance to do some more travelling and broaden your horizons. I hear the Southern Hemisphere is really nice this time of year.

Remember to pack sunscreen.