I love stories, especially around the holidays. A good story takes you somewhere else and makes you wish – wish for a snowy winter night, wish to see a twinkling star or wish to finally catch sight of Santa biting into a cookie you left for him.

In the tradition of great stories, I’d like you to meet Oscar.
Here’s Oscar’s story: Two friends, who love to bake, are ruminating one day about the beauty of cookies and the creamy perfection that is Nutella and an idea is born.

We called it Oscar.

Two salty sweet chocolate biscuits joined by two cream fillings: chocolate hazelnut and vanilla.

Oscar is sweet and deep. Oscar is cocoa and vanilla.

Oscar is a good story.

We think Oscar needs to be shared so we’re offering Oscar to you in the form of these adorable bags of six (or by the boatload – whichever you prefer).

If you’re interested in trying Oscar, or giving him as a gift, Oscar comes with a gift tag. How sweet is that!

Drop us an e-mail at theoscarcookie{@}gmail{dot}com with your questions and your order inquiries. We’re waiting for you … along with Oscar.

Here are some important details:

• You can buy Oscar in a beautiful package of 6, but if you’d like more, that can be arranged. Just drop us an e-mail and we can chat!

• If you’re in the Toronto core, we can bring Oscar to you or you can pick Oscar up at a mutually convenient location. If you’re in the GTA and pickup isn’t convenient, we can deliver Oscar to you (there’s a small small delivery charge). If you’re outside of the GTA, send us an e-mail and we’ll see what we can work out. Don’t worry! We’ll make sure Oscar finds a way to you.

• Oscar is available for two weekends: Saturday December 15 and Sunday December 16 and Saturday December 22 and Sunday December 23. Time is flying by so get your orders in quick!

Oscar is a great story. Make it a part of your holiday story this year.

Remember, just e-mail us at theoscarcookie{@}gmail{dot}com.

Maybe Santa would like some too …