I can’t quite believe we are less than 2 weeks from Christmas … how did this happen????

If you’re like me, you’re making that mad scramble to figure out how to fit it all in: the shopping, the decorating, the baking, the visiting and most important … the ENJOYING!

If you love cookies and you trust the Cream Puff, drop me a line because I would love to make some cookies for you. I mean if I’m baking for myself there might as well be some baking for others as well!

In particular, I’d love for you to try this cookie – it comes in bags of 6 ($10 per bag) and it comes prettily packaged and ready to give (or you can keep it for yourself). If you want more than 6, that’s not a problem either (just e-mail me at theoscarcookie{@}gmail{dot}com.

It’s cookie time! I’m here for you!