Today was one of those days where keeping the oven light on, was truly a great source of comfort.

I attended the funeral of a very young boy, whose father is a friend and colleague.

The one and only time I ever met this sweet little angel was about two months ago and just a few weeks before Christmas. My colleague had brought his little boy to work. They visited me briefly in my office and I was so excited and happy. The little boy was understandably shy, having never met me, so his dad told him to give me a high five.

And he did.

I’ve been thinking about that high five ever since.

After the funeral, I came home and immediately set about baking. As I baked, I took the time to reflect on the day’s events and on the lessons to walk away with. While it was far too brief, I am so grateful that I had the chance to meet my friend’s son.

I was reminded that our loved ones are the greatest gift we have, and we shouldn’t waste a single moment. Ever.

I was reminded that love and faith will see us through.

I was reminded of the best high five I ever got, and that I will never ever forget.

(The recipe for these Peanut Butter Blossoms is here.)