I say doughnut. Sounds just like donut. Except with three more letters.

I love all things sweet but I have my favourites and doughnuts know that there is a special, happy spot in my stomach that is reserved just for them.

That special, happy spot made my buy the March 2013 issue of Saveur based on the front cover photo, alone.

My stomach is the boss so I couldn’t say no.

In typical Saveur fashion it’s a detailed and entertaining read on the tremendous history of fried dough and the incredible people that who have made it their life’s work to ensure that we all have delicious fried dough to eat.

I particularly enjoyed the listing of the best doughnut purveyors in the United States. I’ll be in Chicago next month so Dat Donut, The Doughnut Vault and Old Fashioned Donuts … look out. I’m coming for you.

In the meantime, I contented myself with Vanilla-Glazed Yeast Donuts and a so-so attempt at Berliners.

Go forth and fry, people! Go make some doughnuts!