I have often wondered how many thousands and thousands and thousands of cookies are baked at this time of year. I’m sure there’s some way of mapping it all out; I bet the number is mind-boggling.

In my house alone, hundreds of cookies will be baked over a week or two. With just a few days before Christmas, many of these cookies have been baked (and eaten) but there are still a few more waiting to be born (they’re the little twinkle in my eye).

I think I love the cookies that I make right in the moments before Christmas dawns the most. That’s because those are usually the cookies that I make for myself and my family. I bake for friends, co-workers and customers, but on the eve of the final day or two before Christmas, the cookies are for Cream Puff and family.

There are the Toblerone Cookies to be sure. And ever since I went to Vienna in 2006, there have to be Vanillen Kipferln (Vanilla Crescents). While I didn’t grow up eating ginger, there must be Gingerbread Cookies.

And now I must add these. How I love these cookies. They are subtly sweet meringues, flavoured gently with coffee, and then dipped in bittersweet chocolate and ground nuts.

They are everything that I love at Christmas time: sugar, the fluffiness of snow, the smell of espresso brewing on a cold morning and the brilliant green of pistachios.

The recipe is from the December 2013 issue of Martha Stewart Magazine and let me say that it came not a moment too soon. I don’t always have great success with recipes from Martha Stewart but this one is a winner in every way.

I am happy. I have found a new cookie to add to the Christmas family. I urge you all to try this one, or any cookie. The greatest gifts are the ones you make yourself. I treasure every Christmas cookie and sweet that I receive because someone took the time to make it and give it to me.

To me, that is truly something to rejoice.

Consider the cookie. It’s a beautiful, loving gift.

Here is the orginal recipe: Coffee-Meringue Acorns