Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe that there was a time in my life when I could be counted on for never, ever being late.

In fact, I could usually be counted on to arrive early.

I was always the one to get there first and buy the movie tickets or secure the table for the group.

Not so much these days.

Case-in-point: I am seriously (hopefully not inexcusably late) for World Nutella Day.

(Hangs head in shame.)

Before I beg for your forgiveness, let’s take a moment to thank Sara of Ms. Adventures in Italy and Michelle of Bleeding Espresso for creating this event. As the World Nutella Day site says: they had a dream and a spoon (and a jar of Nutella – thankfully).

Celebrated on February 5th (yes … yes … I’m very late), this event allows Nutella lovers the world over to rasie their spoons and unite in mutual appreciation of this delicious treat.

Notice I said “spoons”. If you administer your Nutella with a knife, there is no place for you in my life.

To atone for my tardiness, I was hoping that these doughnuts filled with Nutella might suffice.

What say you?

The doughnut recipe is from Joanne Chang’s Flour: Spectacular Recipes from Boston’s Flour Bakery + Cafe. You can find the recipe on Epicurious as well.

I piped some glorious Nutella into the warm doughnuts and pretty much never looked back.

Or so I thought.

Once made, I thought to myself: “How can I make these even better to truly say how sorry I am for being late?”

I know! I’ll brulee the tops!

That’s right. A soft, vanilla-infused doughnut, filled with Nutella and with a crackly top of hard sugar.

Do I know how to say sorry, or what?

If you are interested in reading about how to participate (and perhaps also say sorry for missing World Nutella Day), the World Nutella Day site has all the details.

Before I go eat more doughnuts, let’s take a stroll down memory lane to past World Nutella Days here at Cream Puffs in Venice:

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See you next year, World Nutella Day! (I will try to be on time …)