Well hello out there! It has been awhile. I don’t think I’ve ever been away from my little blog for as long as I have. My last post was in October 2016 …

But I’ve been thinking about this space for some time and how I feel like it’s time to come back.

So here I am.

During the Christmas season, after Christmas Eve, December 26th is my very favourite day. It’s the day I sit around in my pyjamas and enjoy the quiet calm after the seasonal storm.

Don’t get me wrong. I adore Christmas and all that comes with it … including the crazy shopping, the dishes, the dry hands from washing all the dishes, the chocolate, the wine, the gatherings … it’s all wonderful.

But on the 26th, I enjoy the quiet. On the 26th, we curl up, watch movies, drink warm drinks, and enjoy the peacefulness.

Today, I took a bit of time to quietly go into the kitchen and bake something for me. A lot of butter, flour and eggs passed through our kitchen in the days leading up to Christmas. I baked my seasonal favourites and happily gave them away as gifts and tokens.

But today I baked for me and I decided to make this Almond Puff Loaf from King Arthur Flour. Buttery, soft, sweet, smothered in apricot jam and almond-flavoured icing … all the things I love.

More than anything I loved being in the quiet kitchen with the wintery light coming in from the window, quietly mixing and baking.

My photography skills are rusty to be sure and it was kind of dark when I took these pictures but what joy I got from doing this again.

I’m glad to be back.